This applies to non-woven special gravure printing machine, BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, web, etc., with good printing performance of rolling material for multicolor continuous printing.

1, Printing color: 2 colors (can do up to 13 color according to user requirements extended width) 
2, the printing units according to customer requirements can be both positive and negative changes in continuous time to complete printing. 
3, single-position unwinding, rewinding the use of duplex flip structure (based on user request to change the unwinding of duplex) 
4, the host can use electromagnetic speed or frequency. 
5, unwinding and unwinding the traction adopts magnetic powder brake. 
6, rolling and rolling traction motor control the use of force rules 
7, electric smart temperature. 
8, double drying tunnel design, dry faster. 
9, embossing: embossing rail double cylinder, blade: pressure 
10, printing cylinder: a shaft-mounted version.

 MODLE  YAS-600N  YAS-800N  YAS-1000N  YAS-1200N
 Diameter of cylinder  100-320MM  100-320  100-320MM  100-320MM
 MaxPrinting widht  600MM  800MM  1000MM  1200MM
 Diameter of unwind&rewind  1000MM  1000MM  1000MM  1000MM
 Printing speed  5-35M/MIN  5-35M/MIN  5-35M/MIN  5-35M/MIN
 Register Precision  《0.15MM 《0.15MM 《0.15MM 《0.15MM
 Dryting method  电加热  电加热  电加热  电加热
 Machine power  18KW  22KW  26KW  28KW
 Machine weight  2000KG  2500KG  3500KG  4000KG
 Overalldimensions(LXWXH)  3500X1800X2300MM  3500X2000X230MM  3500X2200X2300MM 3500X2400X2300MM