YAG 800/1200W computer high speed gravure color printing machine

USE:IT IS SUITABLE FOR BOPP,PET,PVCD AND COMBIED FILM AND PAPER with the same properites,Its printing speed is 120-150m/min,while the mechanical speed is 160 m/min.

1、MAIN TRANSMISSION DEVICE: The main transmission adopts electrician frequency inverter from Shenzhen Huichuan to control the vector motor,transferring each group of printing cylinders.
2、PRINTING CYLINDER INSTALLING DEVICE WITHOUT AXIS:The Installaiton of printing cyindersadopts air cylinder to pull core of axis of install cylinders.Horzontal adjustment adopts movement of screw.
PERFOMANCE:reduce time to replace the cylinders.Asssure boards concentric.,improve the quality of product.
3、STRUCTURE OF INK SCRAPER:The ink scrapers can be adjusted up and down as well as its positions .The pressure of scraper adopts dual air pressure style.The horzontal movement adopts both the rotaions of the motor and movement of cam.
PERFORMANCE:lengthen the service of the printing cylinders.
4、IMPRESSIVE LIFT STRUCTURE:The impression adopts dual air cylinder to impress through lifting to positon the solenoid,which is a protector for the air leakage of the cylinder when the machine stops working.
PERFORMANCE:Assure the average of pressure and color chromatic aberration.
5、PRE-REGISTRATION AND CHROMATIC MECHANLCAL HANDLES SYSTEM:This system can do vertical registration before printing.They adopt computer to control,synchronic motor to transfer the ball thead bar to adjust the chomatography up and down through reducing the speed to register color automatically and directly.
6、MATERLAL-COLLECTING AND FEEDING DEVICE:The Material Collecting and feeding stand adopts dual scaffold,It can change material roller and collect materials automatically . The tension of mater-feeding and traction of material-collecting and feeding adopt frequency reducing the speed to register color automatically and directlly.
PERFORMANCE:Rotate with lubricantion and high precision in chromatigraphy.
The drying system adopts oven which colsed completely.The opening or closing of the oven which colsed completely.The opening or closing of the oven is controlled at the same time by the dual air shaft.The temperature is controlled by intelligent thrmo-controller,while the reurning roller water-cooling device to control assure the cooling of film.
PERFORMANCES:save electric power.(Add 50 thousand:outside-installaion style steam and oil heats.)

 WEB WIDTH  800MM  1200MM
 PRINTING CYL.DIA  100-380MM  100-380MM
 WEIGHT  2000KG  2500KG
 OVERALLDIMENSIONS(LXWXH)  14000X3800X2885MM  14000X4200X2885MM